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Spray painting is the use of a special painting device to spray paint onto a compact material. In most countries, spray painting is referred to as street painting. Spray artists create incredibly visual images using this special type of art. In places where injustice is rampant, the youth use spray art to express their grievances. The talented artists fill walls with surreal pictures of nature, icons and many others.

According to history, it is believed spray painting originated from Mexico. That was in the 19th century. Since then, the art has spread world over. In most countries, spray art was associated with ghettos and slums but that has changed in recent years as the number of spray artworks and artists have grown.

Spray Paint’s Rise in Popularity

A lot has played into the rise and rise of spray painting. One factor is the shift in mentality. Initially, spray art was associated with vandalism and crime. That inhibited the growth of this specialty. Recently, the change of belief has led to adoption and acceptance of the art.

Another factor is the increase in urban artwork exhibitions. Spray paint artists now have venues to showcase their talents. This has encouraged upcoming artists to work harder and be more creative. The result has been a rise in popularity of spray painting.

It would be unfair to talk about the rise of spray painting without recognizing the artists behind the success. All spray paint artists have contributed to this achievement. Below are some of the best spray paint artists.


English-based Graffiti Artist
He is arguably the most popular street artist in the world. Popular as his name is, he remains anonymous. Banksy has been around for almost three decades now.

Most of Banksy’s works are done on walls. The artist has a documentary that premiered in 2010. His work is so valued that some walls displaying his works are removed for resale.

The nominee for the Academy Award for Best Documentary won the Webby Awards in 2014. He is an inspiration to many. While he has made his name as a spray paint artist, some know him as a political activist while others associate him with vandalism. He has also directed films before.
Banksy is also a published author.

List Of Banksy’s Work


German Graffiti Artist
DAIM is a German national. His art displays sophistication and uniqueness. DAIM’s creativity is on another level and that is why he is one of the best artists 2020 has.

Born in 1971, Mirko Reisser has been around for a while now. The 50-year-old artist understands what spray painting is all about. He is one of the pioneers of street painting.

The renown graffiti artist has been featured in shows, movies, events and even documentaries. That is proof of his excellence.

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Amazing Female Street Artist
Born in 1992, this Polish/Irish national is one of the most dynamic paint artists today. She has been practicing for almost a decade now and her rise to the top is not a coincidence.

BerriBlue is a fashion designer and that explains her creativity. She is beauty with brains. A deadly combination that gives her authority to run the male dominated spray painting show.

The Porto resident is an alumni of the National College of Art and Design. Her stay in different countries seems to have opened her mind and flexed her creativity muscles. BerriBlue’s young age gives her time to perfect her art. Perhaps one day she will rise from being one of the best to the best spray paint artist in the world.

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Alaa Awad

Egyptian Artist
Awad is one of the best in Africa. The PhD candidate in art is a force to reckon with. His recognition rose to international standards back in 2012 when the media highlighted his works. Awal’s painting on the busy Mohamed Mahmoud St. touched on the then ongoing Egyptian Revolution.

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Victor Reyes

Milwaukee WI Artist
He is popularly known as the art heist. Victor is also referred to as a thinking artist. The talented artist makes totally sold out artworks that make him good money. He is not known for his creativity only. His works communicate. A combination that makes him earn unimaginable recognition worldwide. His art pieces show effortlessness. He is regarded as one of the most talented artists today.

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Shepard Fairey

Contemporary Street Artist
Born in 1970, Fairey is very influential. His ultimate rise to fame came more than a decade ago when Obama was campaigning for presidency. He made an Obama poster with a “Hope” caption. Most of his works fill up US museums. This shows how his nation appreciates him. He has also won quite a number of awards. This makes him one of the best in America and the world.

He’s been to various art schools. Shepard’s works have also been seen in many US demonstrations. Rally organizers, activists and other humanitarian bodies love to use his works. He donates some of his art for the love of activism.

Shepard is also a family man and is happily married. He has also been around for a few decades now. Fairey is naturally philanthropic and that is why he is a board member in an NPO in the US. Besides, he has been involved with different nonprofit organizations.

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David Choe

Street Artist
He is one of the best artists today. He remains competitive and his creativity never seems to fade. Born in 1976, Choe’s some people have claimed in their reviews that his time in artwork might be running out. He has won awards, well-schooled on matters of art, and he has gone on to publish books. The all-round artist is one many upcoming spray painters would want to be. He is inspiring and extremely talented.
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Spray art is growing at an amazing pace. The rise hasn’t come overnight. It is the above mentioned artists’ effort. All spray painting artists too should take credit. As the years go by we will see more spray painting artists come rise to the top. The field is becoming more competitive and diverse. At the end of the day, it is all about appreciating creativity.